Thursday, April 3, 2014

What would be more than stoked in English?

What would be the word of more than stoked in English?

Well, I really don't know, but I feel more than stoked to have one of my pics highlighted  at the Surfing Scene in the platform. So, what is Seshn? you have to be wondering?
Seshn is like a magazine online to share interesting content in different themes like Surfing, Art, Photo, etc. You can get an invite to collaborate (what happened to me), or you can ask for an invitation, and if they consider your content is cool, they invite you to collaborate.
Once you collaborate and submit some posts, their team review it and if it's cool enough they highlight your post in some of the scenes.

So, yes, this pic of mine made it to the Surfing scene... more than stoked!!! You can see the pic online here: and of course here it is. What do you think of it?

Local surfer turbing on a greeny wave at Maderas beach

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