Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Surf city San Sebastian, Basque Country

San Sebastian or Donostia (in basque) is a city at the north west of Spain, just 20 minutes away from the French border. Donostia is the only surf city in Europe, beautifully surrounded by mountains, green landscapes and reefs meeting the ocean. 

Passing a summer here is to fall in love forever with the city. Between the multicultural ambiance, the excellent food, the multiple concerts, the nice and not that warm weather, the surf just in the middle of the city, it becomes hard to leave at the end of your stay.

But this paradise can't be like this all year long. The Basque Country it is precisely very green due to a lot of rain of course. Winters here are not that pleasant, but for me the best season is just when the fall is starting around in September.

I took these pictures at fall when the colors are most romantic, waves gets bigger and light is insanely beautiful.
Agur bero bat!!

Ellen portrait. Hiking the Ullía mountain 
La Zurriola beach and La Concha at the background. View from Ullía 
When Urumea river meets the Ocean with big swell, it creates waves too! Yes, surfers come here sometimes..
Great light at Zurriola beach
Misty surf at Zurriola
Local surfer shredding some chilly waves
Solo mission of big waves at Zurriola
When big,  you can surf at La Concha bay too
Big waves bring a lot of mist. Great for pictures of  Santa Clara island
Sunset colors watching big waves

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