Friday, November 14, 2014

Cyrus Sutton Launches Kickstarter for Documentary on GMOs in Hawaii- Only 3 more days to go!

I'm a little bit late on this post, but I didn't want to miss the chance to support one of my favorite surfers.This inspiring, independent filmmaker has released a campaign for raising money until November 17th for feature-length film to create awareness of global food production issues, using Hawaii as the case study

Cyrus Sutton is one of not so many surfers, that actually cares about environment and has a deep interests in health, surf culture and filming. This combination has taken him lately to travel the world, documenting people and issues that effect the health of our planet and the resiliency of our communities.

A great example of his work is when in 2006, Sutton won an Emmy award for his writing and 16mm-cinematography in a project called “Next Wave” for Fox’s Fuel TV. That project explored the vast knowledge of native Indonesian populations and raised funds to aid the islands after the historic tsunami.

Cyrus is also the founder of the popular surf/outdoor website which now has an archive of more than 500 short films on DIY projects, health, and surf culture, and where I contribute with my photo stories every time I can.

This inspiring surfer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete the production of “Island Earth,” a documentary about the GMO/pesticide connection and people fighting for sustainable agriculture in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands are ground zero for discussions on the safety, efficacy and sustainability of chemical use in industrial agriculture. Through interviews with prominent politicians, doctors, organic farmers, scientists, activists and local residents, Island Earth exposes the real risks of relying on a food production system where six chemical companies are in control of the world's most basic necessity.

While Island Earth explores the difficult and much-debated issues of genetic modification and experimentation on food, the film also proposes solutions through characters who are dedicated to growing and eating locally in a state that imports more than 85 percent of its food. The money raised on Kickstarter will support the completion of the film so that it may serve as a resource for those individuals working to change the ways in which we grow and consume food.

The campaign runs until Nov. 17! So we only have 3 more days to contribute to this great project! 
Please visit and donate to the Kickstarter page, and also for more information and pictures from the months of shooting on the islands

For more info about Cyrus Sutton:
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Surfing city Biarritz, a warm fall view

I'm going to Nicaragua very soon at the end of November, but before that I decided to spend 2 weeks in Biarritz in order to do some pictures and work in some photo shoots for one of the brands I endorse.
The Havaiii Co. is a clothing company inspired by travelers, explorers and global citizens. This is how I identify myself with the brand and that's how I enjoy very much myself working with them taking their pictures and writing a blog about my adventures: Tales of Wander.

Apart from that, I spent two great weeks photographing one of the most beautiful surfing cities and meeting interesting people around.
October has given us a great summer weather and me and my photographs are very thankful for that.

Biarritz, I'm in love!

Sunset at the Grande Plage when waves were huge and light was insane 

Cam, just finished one big session at La Grande Plage


By night at La Grande Plage

Andy Wauman, artist and photographer.

I found my little corner of Venice :))

Cam, hues of blue

Photoshoot for the Havaiii Co.

Sunset backlight surf at La Grande plage

Big waves!

Sunset and helicopter

View and Cote des Basques at the background, sick sunset

Sunset and cote des Basques

Fisherman and moon

Simone and Cote des Basques at the background

Last days of light..

Big day of surf at Cote des Basques

Selfie X Havaiii co.


One of my fav pictures photoshooting

Insane light, I'm in love