Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inspirational Wednesdays: Cyrus Sutton, surfer and activist guru

As a surfer I got to heard about Cyrus Sutton a little bit around. He's from San Diego, and a lot of excellent surfers and other personalities come out of this part of the world.
I knew him just as a surfer and filmaker. I know he was very talented, but I've got to know more about him last year, when I was doing my California Vision project.

By the time I was working at Surfrider Foundation in Europe and when in San Diego, me and my friend stayed at Cardiff with Dan & Danielle (happily married now and both pro active at Surfrider), who were from my travel, one of the most amazing couples I've got to pass time with.

Totally random we were in Encinitas, and we got to assist to the Premiere of newest Cyrus Sutton's film at the time: Compassing (filmed along Mexico), and then crashed his post celebration party.

Since then I became more interested about his life and projects, discovering he's a truly down to earth person, worried about the environment and specially very well documented on sustainable agriculture till the point to start an "instagram" war against Monsanto and their killing practices for our soils and our health.
Thanks to his tenacity and compromise, we all surfers get inspired everyday by people like him, having the force to live their lives fully according with their believes.

At the moment he's in Hawaii to shoot a documentary on sustainable agriculture looking to profile some gardens, forest or farms for this purpose. Give him a shout if you know some of these and follow him for more inspiration here: Facebook profile

Here are some pics I took for my project, and other silly ones from the party!

Marquee of La Paloma theatre
Me and Cyrus at his party. I just noticed we have both big teeth!
The lovely couple Dan&Danielle. That silly guy behind us is Tate, even though his face, he's now a dad!

The peeps at the party
Found this mobile-home outside the party
I looked inside and I found a board to be shaped, maybe Cyrus's?
La Paloma theatre, such a legend. Pic part of my California vision project
Welcome to Encinitas. Pic part of my California vision project
Swamis beach. Pic part of my California vision project
Fisherman in Swamis. Pic part of my California vision project
More Swamis

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