Wednesday, April 6, 2016

B&B Donosti Chill- Retreat House, the new place to be in San Sebastian

Hello friends!
We've been quiet for a little time after our retreat in Bali, but always for good reasons; this time we've been working in a new project for accommodation, here in San Sebastian and I finally I can tell you more about it.
From a few years now organizing retreats abroad, we always felt the desire of having our own place in San Sebastian to host retreats, ocean lovers, yogis and wellness enthusiasts. It is true that dreams come true, and after searching so much, we found the perfect place to develop this project!
We are slowly starting our operations hosting travelers and preparing some retreats for 2016.
There's still a lot to do, but the basics are already settled, so we invite you to stay with us, book a retreat or host one here if you dare ;) Inquiry at

The House
Our space pretends to be a total relaxing place for travelers wanting to explore San Sebastian and its features in a very unique way. Our place is big, airy and luminous; the rooms are spacious and our beds are of great comfort, all with a delicate minimalistic style. The big living room was made specially to host yoga lessons, workshops and different activities required for our guests and retreat organizers.
The house of 210m2 accommodates comfortably 12 persons in 6 rooms. We have 4 double rooms, 1 triple, and 1 single.

Some pics of our lovely bedrooms. Double, single and triple rooms
Another view of our bedrooms, very clean & zen style
Our big living room, large halls, balconies and bathroom

The Services
Wellness & Wellbeing is our priority, that’s why we will offer the following services upon demand
- In house yoga lessons for our clients
- Private raw or vegan chef for retreats
- Private surf lessons & Surf guiding
- Cultural, Hiking, Ocean & Gastronomical tours
- Food workshops & other
- Airport shuttle
- Special concierge services for retreat’s organizers

We are located just one street behind the Kursaal and Zurriola beach, 10 minutes from the old town, 10 minutes from the bus/train station and 15 minutes to La Concha bay.

The Retreats
For the moment we have already settled three dates for long weekend retreats in April, May and June:
- April 28th to 31st
- May 12th to 15th
- June 16th to 19th

4 days, 3 nights
From Thursday to Sunday. Check in 11am. Check out 11am
Minimum 4 people- Maximum 10 people

3 nights of accommodation in our retreat house by the beach
Daily Continental Breakfast "Help your self"
2 Surfing Lessons with private teacher. All material included
2 Yoga Lessons. Hatha Vinyasa Flow & Meditation. All material included
1 Yoga workshop "Working with energy and gravity"
1 Superfoods and raw food brunch
1 Welcome Appetizer + 1 veggie pintxo tour

Enough free time to enjoy and explore our fabulous city :)

- Price of the pack in single room: 476€
- Price of the pack in shared double room/ single bed: 443€
- Price of the pack in shared triple room/ single bed: 408€

Please check all the extra details in this link in Yogatrail. Our web is still on the making, but you can book your stay at

Thank you and hope to see you soon in our place!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Summary of 20 days of bliss! BALI SURF, YOGA & WELLNESS retreat

Hello everyone! What a great beginning of the year we've been having!

It's been a great month this January and while a lot of you were back to your offices to struggle with the cold, me and the team of the BALI SURF, YOGA & WELLNESS retreat, were having the times of our lives together with 15 lovely ladies that came from all over the world to join us in this great adventure in the Island of the Gods.

We received so much blessings during our retreats, and we just wanted to share some pics of the fantastic 20 days we spent strolling in Bali around the Bukit Peninsula, Balangan beach, Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu, the Island of Nusa Lembongan and more.

We hope you like the pics, and we hope you can join us in our next retreat most likely to be celebrated in Mexico or Nicaragua at the beginning of December.
Would you fancy coming with us? Give us a shout and let us know your interest here.

We are a collective of women bringing Surf & Yoga travels for ocean enthusiasts. 
Our staff this time was composed by:

From where you'd rather be/ Alejandra Romo. In charge of Photography ( & Communications
Seasoul Shelter / Concha Rossler & Killa Schuetze. Surf Teaching & Guiding
Malekai/ Nathalie de Haaij. Logistics, Yoga & Massage
Verde, Bianco and Raw/ Federica Nucci. Chef specialized in healthy raw & cooked vegan.

First thing to do, early surf check at 6.30am

Ladies are all set for their first surf
Here they go!

Back to the villa for our morning yoga session. One of our German participants!
Morning meditation with our yoga teacher Nathalie from Malekai
Who needs hot yoga when you have 100% humidity and 33ºC at 8.30am?
Black & white namasté with our retreaters Ruth and Sarah from England
After yoga, delicious breakfast  already waiting for us. This is chia pudding with cinamon, aldmond milk, accompanied of papaya, yummy!
This is Federica, our fabulous healthy and vegan chef from Italy preparing breaky
Table's ready! Dragon fruit yogurt with muesli, toasts and homemade papaya jam
Beautiful chia pudding, dragon fruit and mint
Our girls enjoying breakfast
Our surf guide Concha, explaining to our beginners the whole standing up method
And we're ready to go for our second session of the day! Faces full of zinc & tons of smiles
Girls being silly before surf in Nusa Dua
Idyllic views in a small Sri Lanka, in Nusa Dua point
Amaia, one of our beginners, visibly stoked with her wave :)
Svenja, another one of our beginners, catching waves from Day 1, she's a natural!
And that's  a happy surfer!
We went on a boat surf-trip to Nusa Lembongan! One of our highlights in both retreats!
Very fun rights in lacerations, here our girls waiting in the channel for instructions
Crystal clear water from our boat
Our guides had a lot of fun too in Nusa
Intermediate surfer Véro, practicing her backside
Blessings of the island
4 beautiful ladies enjoying the boat view
Me in the left, Concha our guide and Australian friends that visited us during our first retreat. Yes, sometimes I get photographed too! :)
Nathalie of Malekai, looking beautiful after our long days in the boat
Marina, ready for a splash
The captain and our girls. This guy is a sailor, fisherman and surfer; all round up a true man from the ocean
Apparently the film "The Island" was filmed here
Our second group of retreaters enjoying the sun
Fernando our local guide, eating some deliciousness Bali stuff while we do some snorkeling around the island
Is time to go home, thanks Nusa Lembongan! Here our second retreat, the staff, the captains and our local guides!
Off we go! what a great day
Ubud holds an amazing Monkey Forest. These chicky guys are amazing but we have to be careful and don't get too close.
Hello girls!!
They wanted just to refresh in the water, they got all wet!
 Portrait of Véro, outside the monkey forest
Ubud motorbike hectic
Fell in love with local food in Ubud. Nasi goreng, Soto Ayam, Gado- gado, etc.
Killa our begginer's surf guide & Ruth
The Seasoulshelter girls,  Concha & Killa playing the fool in one of the rice fields terraces
Me and my amazing photographer friend from N.Y, Mireya, found a photoboot at one of the terraces in the rice fields. This pic is lovely in every single way!
This is the spectacle we presenced at Uluwatu temple. Views are an spectacle themselves!
11 man in trance sing and interact in this spectacle without instruments. One of the oldest dances of Balinese culture
Typical dresses and make up are impressively beautiful
After a long week totally full on, we went for a night out in "Single Fin" in Uluwatu; sunsets here are something else
View from one of the 3 terraces in Single Fin
Girls of our first retreat and our staff
Really stoked with sunsets in our local beach, Balangan!
The seasoul sheltet girls enjoying the sunset

Surfer and last rays of sun
Having dinner in our villa. Retreaters, staff & friends all together

And like this we said goodbye to days full of discoveries and adventures. Our villa in tremendous calm. The girls are sleeping already :)