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Riding the Wave Sri Lanka by Seasoul Collective // 4-11 April 2020


Riding the wave Weligama, Sri Lanka4th – 11th  | April 2020

Hello all! 
I want to invite you personally to a retreat that we're organizing with our Seasoul Collective next April in Sri Lanka! I'm super excited as this time I will be in charge of teaching vinyasa and yoga for surfers to all of the participants. We will then, head up for long surf sessions in front of our accommodation, and tons of other fun stuff while we explore the beautiful South Coast all together! 

Check all the info below and don't miss our 100$ discount plus 50$ more if you bring a friend with you, until the end of January!

Join the Facebook event and send me DM if you need more info about Sri Lanka or this retreat or check our web for more info, photos and book your spot!

From Sri Lanka with love & light,
Ale xoxoxo

The retreat

Hosted on the beautiful south coast of Sri Lanka, this week-long wellness retreat is a unique opportunity to open yourself up to the powerful healing Indian Ocean alongside great company.
Together, we will tune in to how it feels to unfold, release,  and disconnect through early mornings full of yoga, surfing sessions, and time well spent at sunset time sipping coconuts under a palm tree…

Vibes & week’s program 

Every morning will begin with a 90-minute yoga practice of Vinyasa Flow. This practice is designed to help you to harness a better connection with your body and to be able to shutter the mind. After the practice you will be welcomed by delicious vegan/vegetarian breakfast full of fresh and locally sourced products by the Island Sisters team.

From here, you have the day to enjoy at will! Those wishing to surf, can grab a board or book a surfing lesson with us. You can explore the multiple spots just in front of our accommodation or get a tuk-tuk and experience the many spots along Sri Lanka’s south coast. Our team will recommend the best options for your needs.
For those in search of relaxing tropical vibes, get a fresh coconut and take a barefoot walk along the palm-lined beaches, or cycle through the local villages surrounding Weligama. You have unlimited options to enjoy the area.

As the day draws to a close, you are invited to join the rooftop Sunset Sessions where we will cover a variety of self-healing practices. From Yin yoga, Hatha, and moon salutations, to a variety of sound healing sessions with tibetan bowls, gongs or other instruments.

Come dinner time we will gather together for delicious meals at one of the many neighborhood dining options proposed by the collective. Local, vegan and little concerts are on the plan!

*Full program will be released with enough time before the arrival of participants*

What people say about us…

“Cosy and super friendly”
My experience in the retreat was great. The small size of the group made us feel like a small family. It was a very friendly environment but still very professional, keeping the group engaged at all times with different activities each day.
– Mireia L├│pez.

+ More reviews of our retreats here


Island Sisters Weligama

Dive into that sweet escape you’ve always dreamed of. Weligama is known as a surfer’s and sun lover’s paradise. With waves perfect for beginner or pro surfers, and beaches filled with unlimited coconuts and scenic views perfect for walks on the beach and beautiful photos. Situated at the southern point of Sri Lanka, Weligama is a must see for anyone visiting the country.

The Island Sisters are situated in the heart of Weligama on a quiet street, only a hundred meters from the beach, and walking distance from the main attractions around town, local markets, bus and train stations, and all the good stuff. The Island Sisters accommodation consists of seven spacious, naturally lit, and minimalistic rooms, all set up for your comfort.

The Island Sisters is a two-story hotel with a free-spirited vibe, vibrant colors, welcoming, warm, and all together loving atmosphere. The staff will always make sure to make you feel right at home. As soon as you step in you’ll feel the down-to-earth, welcoming vibe that you want on your perfect holiday. From mesmerizing art and soothing color tones, to nutritious meals and spacious private rooms. You’re all set!

+ More info about Island Sisters here 

What’s included:

  • 7 night accommodation in private or shared accommodation. 
  • 7 healthy vegan/vegetarian breakfasts.
  •  3 group dinners.
  • Daily Sunrise Vinyasa Flow practice (90min) including pranayama, asana, meditation and mantras.
  • Special Sunset Sessions in our rooftop.
  • 2 special sessions by guest teachers.
  • 1 visit in bicycle to buddhist temple in Weligama.
  • Concierge service from our team to organize transfers, surf lessons, local tours of  surrounding areas, visits to spas and additional day trips.
  • Lifelong memories and friendships.
** Not included: Flights, transfers and travel insurance.

Extra activities

Surfing lessons, or surf rentals.
Ayurvedic Massages.
Traditional cooking class.
Tours & visits nearby.
Excursion to Temple & Tea Plantation.
Beach Hoping Tour.
– and much more…

Accommodation Options

You have the option to choose from twin shared, double shared, or private rooms that all offer a comfortable experience. All rooms come with an en-suite bathroom, A/C, hot showers, mirrors and clothing stands. Feel free to get more acquainted with your tropical home at The Island Sisters.

Private Double Room/ Single occupancy
PER PERSON/ $1.090
Accommodates: 2 in total. Beds: 1 queen size bed. For single participants looking for more privacy and comfort.

Twin Room/ Double occupancy
Accommodates: 2 in total. Beds: 2 twin beds. To be shared with solo travelers and/or friends.

Shared Double Room/ Double occupancy
Accommodates: 2 in total. Beds: 1 queen size bed. Best shared with a friend or partner.

How to Book?

Book your spot with a 300$ deposit.
Relax from here, and pay the rest before March 1st 2020.
Get an early bird discount of $100 USD for bookings until end of January!!!
Click here to book your spot!

+ For more details request our retreat info-pack sent by email to:

The Seasoul Collective

We are a team of Sri Lanka based creative nomads, yoga teachers and surfers coming together from all walks of life to bring you a unique experience during your retreat. We will let you know the ins and outs of everything there is to know about enjoying what Sri Lanka has to offer! Feel free to ask us anything and check our past retreats in our social media.
We’ve been organizing yoga & surf retreats around the world since 2013 in places like Bali, Mexico, Nicaragua, Europe, etc.

See you very soon here in Sri Lanka!

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Healthy habits while we travel and thrive. This is what it helping me on my journey :)

Patri from Content created for Bombora Medewi Bali.

"Let the food be the medicine" (especially if you live on the road....)
 How to combine these in a good way that we're supporting our bodies and helping us through changes?
We live in an era where traveling has become so popular, and its now a way of living. Digital nomads, nomads entrepreneurs, seasonals, etc.

Although I think yes, is an amazing life we have the opportunity to live; for our bodies it is a great challenge to keep a good pace as we still want to function at our 100%. We need to produce, to see places, and to keep up with that activity we do that gives us money.

For me is being a great learning during the last years, but specially this last year as I've been moving too much. At a point I noticed every time I moved, I was feeling lost and I didn't know what to do. The result is that felt super tired, drained, foggy and depressed.

Once I took responsibility of the pros and the cons about the life I choose to live; I asked my self how I could better support my body in all conditions, specially when moving a lot in timezones and cultures.

I came up with the following routines. The most important learning on this, is to keep in mind that when you feeling the most down, the more you have to keep with the routines to keep you grounded again ;)
Here are some of the main I stick to :

1) Stay hydrated, and drink even more water before and after the days of moving. Bring a reusable bottle with you at all time. Sometimes I like to pour in my water chlorofile or the "vital remedy" I was prescribed of the "trinity essences"; but just water is perfectly fine.

2) Minifast of half fast. I started to do this in a natural way, so at least I wait 12 hours to eat my breakfast everyday. I found this specially beneficial and detoxifying to the body. As a result my brain is clear, focused and I can cope better through all the changes I'm experiencing.

3) Green smoothie or celery juice first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. If I have to choose, my go to is the celery one, so 16oz everyday. As you perhaps heard, this practice is now a major trend started by the awesome @medicalmedium. He is all about promoting the concept of "let the food by the medicine".
Celery juice has been proven to be "the" healing tonic. It helps with inflammation, balances the PH of the body, copes with autoimmune diseases, cures allergies, etc.
If you want to know more about this, go to this link here.
If you don't have a blender available where you live, you can invest on buying a travel one that costs very cheap and you can charge them with a usb plug.
if you still don't have access to this, invest on buying some green superfoods. Some of the easiest ones are Spirulina or Chlorella. Just drink it with some juice, or plain water in the morning.

4) Meditate every morning, or at least 3-4 times per week. This practice I found to be grounding for my body and doing body scan to feel every part of it really takes me home, connects me again and releases all the anxiety. This is a way to tell your body to remind that wherever you are, you can root again in you. Home is within you. I like to use the Calm app, or you can do it by yourself while you listen to some 432hz playlist to heal and root more with the earth. You can also leave this music to play in the background on your day to day. Its very healing.

5) Stay away of processed sugar or coffee. If you can drink matcha to get some healthy energy during your day. Matcha is a great Japanese tea with tons of antioxidants. The greatest thing is that the tea enters your bloodstream in crescendo and it fades away in the same way, so you don’t get that nasty rebound effect you get from coffee.

These are just a few I found for myself. If you have more and simple ones, share with me! I’d love to know more about yours and how they helped you on your journey.


­čôŞ by @_ale_romo. Content created for @bomboramedewibali.
­čĺü cute model: Patri from @worldwidetravelog

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Hi there! I'm back with retreats in Sri Lanka/ August 2019!

Hello there! How are you all?!
I know it's been longtime I wasn't coming here to speak about my adventures or giving any updates...

A lot happened during 2018, and I decided to close my yoga retreat house and vegan shop in San Sebastian. Not just that, I also left my house, and sold everything I owned (all, but my longboard, hehe).
As you imagined, this was very intense process, but the Universe was urging me to close this amazing cycle in Sanseb as it wasn't healthy or sustainable anymore for me.

Long story short; after a month spent in India doing a yoga training, I ended up between Sri Lanka & Bali, just connecting with people, accommodations, and digital nomads to find some new inspiration.

After a few months roaming; I'm very pleased to tell you that I will be partnering with the hotel Memo Wellness Sri Lanka to provide a solid wellness program, prepare the hotel to host retreats, and in general to offer the final client a round-up experience combining surf, yoga, healthy food, and other cool activities.

To start with this, I'm gonna be co-hosting with Lana of "Yoga travel for life", two dates of 8 days/ 7 nights retreats in Memo this August 2019. So, if you were looking to come to Sri Lanka for a vacation with someone you know, here I will be during the whole year!

Check below, all the info of the retreat, the hotel, location, etc.
If you have any question, just send me an email to:
I will be glad to help you plan your trip.

Oh, and if you've never been in a retreat with me, just go to the following links to see our recaps in Bali, Nicaragua and Mexico. I took all the pictures there, and this time I will be taking some snaps too; apart from hosting you all;)

Hope to see you soon,
Ale Romo xoxoxoxo


8 days retreat “Surf & Yoga ”in Sri Lanka. From 09.08 -16.08.2019 and 16.08.-23.08.2019

From Unawatuna to Mirissa to Tangalle, the south coast;  Sri Lanka is one of the best kept secrets in Asia, though that secret is quickly being revealed as more and more people flock to Ceylon for its tropical beaches, incredible wildlife, rich culture and ancient heritage landmarks.

The beaches here are generally far less touristy than those of the busier west coast; it's not unusual to find yourself alone on long, dreamy stretches of palm-fringed sand, especially east of Matara.
Some of the prettiest bays in the country are found on this stretch of coast and the region is regarded as truly Sri Lankan and a bastion of Sinhala patriotism.

The region’s varied attractions make it one of Sri Lanka’s most rewarding areas to visit. Gateway to the south – and one of its highlights – is the atmospheric old port of Galle, Sri Lanka’s best-preserved colonial town; while beyond Galle stretch a string of picture-perfect beaches including Unawatuna, Weligama, Mirissa and Tangalle.


The hotel is located by the beach, crossing the street to Kabalana beach, 145km from Colombo, 20 minutes from the historical city of Galle, 20 minutes to Weligama beach, 30 minutes from Mirissa beach and 10 minutes from Ahangama. Kabalana beach is a long stretch of fine sand perfect for running, surfing and other activities situated just down the road from Ahangama. This sandy bottom break is great for beginners and spending long days enjoying the tropical views and the best rated sunsets in Sri Lanka.

Ahangama beach. Photocred: @aleromophotography

Memo hotel is a relaxing space providing comfortable accommodation, a varied of healthy and international food, yoga, surf and other activities.
This unique hotel is perfect for travelers looking for a more deep experience for their vacation while exploring the wonderful Sri Lankan culture and its beaches. All the double rooms are decorated with a delicate minimalistic style. All of them have a private patio, ensuite bathroom, king-size bed, A/C, minibar, and complimentary coffee & tea.
The big lobby and pool favor a nice mingling area to read, exchange and chill between the daily activities.

All of our yoga lessons will be provided only by experienced and qualified Multilanguage teachers. The yoga lessons are based on level 1-2 yogis, with optional modifications for advanced students. Styles can include Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, pranayama breathing exercises, and yoga sessions for surfers.
The program will be specially catered for the participants of these retreats. We aim for you to feel energized during the whole day, focused, reactive during your surf lessons, while you deepen the connection with your body.

All of our surf lessons will be provided by “Moments Sri Lanka". Moments will tailor made a specific program for our group depending on the surfing level, including the transportation needed to the spots selected for the retreat, handling and providing all equipment.
Our lessons will be complimented with theory classes and photo analysis to support the correct learning of the surf basics.
All the participants will get amazing pictures of their surfing adventure to take them as memories of the retreat.
All the instructors are highly skilled in marine and surfing activities according to the latest professional standards.
For more info of the surfing center, please visit: IG:@moments_srilanka

The restaurant at the hotel will offer healthy and delicious breakfasts specially catered by me, and during the morning you will be able to enjoy the juice bar, with a substantial menu serving smoothies, bowls, salads and healthy snacks.
During the night you can enjoy the amazing sunset from the rooftop restaurant, get a drink, and taste the delicious varied international food, healthy and vegan.

Also you can have a look at the restaurants around our accommodation. We will give you all our recommendations at the arrival day.

•7 nights of Accommodation. Private bathroom and patio
•7 healthy breakfasts - vegetarian, vegan options
•8 vouchers for our juice bar
•12 hours of surfing lessons
•Transport to all spots, boards and all material needed
•Surfing theory and video analysis
•Professional photographer for your surfing sessions
•Daily morning yoga lessons, specially curated for the retreat needs

- Surf & yoga extra lessons
- Transfer Colombo Airport: 60€ /way (up to 4 people)
- Flight tickets
- Travel and health insurance
- Cultural trips
- Lunch and dinner

Option 1) 1.222 € per person
Accommodation in shared private room (better with a friend or couple –King size bed or two single mattresses next to each other.)

Option 2)1.444 € per person
Accommodation in private room, single occupation.

If you want to split the remaining sum via installments, this can be arranged after your booking fee has been paid.

Alternatively, you may pay the entire sum at the time of booking and sit back & relax!
*Limited to 14 Participants*

If you need more information or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or Lana from Yoga Travel for Life.

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Fall Retreats 2017 San Sebastián/ Donosti Chill X Seasoul Collective/ Oceanlove & Wellness


At the SEASOUL COLLECTIVE x DONOSTI CHILL RETREATS we aim to provide our guests with a unique cultural experience based on a foundation of health and wellness. This 5 day wellness retreat will immerse you in the beautiful surf-city of San Sebastián, allowing you to experience the city and its culture through yoga, meditation, food, and nature. We invite you to find a renewed sense of health, and discover the beauty of the Basque Country while deepening your yoga, meditation, and overall physical practice.

After the five days of activities, you will have the option of staying two extra nights for an additional fee of 99€ . This price includes accommodation, breakfast & lunch, and 1 daily yoga lesson.

/// September 29th to October

/// 3rd.October 16th to October 20th

/// November 1st to November 5th.

– 5 nights/ 6 days of accommodation + possibility of 2 extra nights (100€ extra per day).
– Daily early vinyasa yoga + 3 guided meditations (pranayama).
– Daily breakfast & lunch catered by our takeaway caf├ę: Bowls and Bites San Sebasti├ín.
– 3 surf lessons (all material included) + 1 hiking tour to Pasaia.

Price in shared double room/ single bed: 760€. Single private room for 10€ per night.

5 Daily Yoga Lessons + 3 meditation/ pranayama practices:
Our in-house yoga teacher and Host, Shelby Pauletto, will guide you through 5 daily morning asana practices. The classes are based on level 1-2 yogis, with optional modifications for advanced students. Meditation sessions will include pranayama (breath work), Yoga Nidra, and Yin style practices.

These meals will be made specially by Bowls and Bites-San Sebasti├ín, a health food caf├ę 10 min. away from our venue. Bowls and BItes prides itself on a vegetarian offer of organic, local, and fresh ingredients.

1 Hiking Tour
We will hike backwards along the northern route of the Camino de Santiago (St. James’s Way) from San Sebasti├ín to the small fishing town of Pasaia enjoying beautiful ocean views, lush forest, and steep sea cliffs. Upon arrival we will take a water taxi to Pasaia Donibane to eat lunch (not included on the price).

3 Surf Lessons
Your itinerary will include three surf lessons provided by one of the bests surf schools in San Sebastián. The lessons will supply you with the basic knowledge of surfing and for a small additional fee, you will also have the option to rent surfboards and wet suits on your free time if you wish to continue your practice on your own.

– Road trips to France or the surrounding area
– Guided pintxo tours + Guided city tours and excursions
– Car & Bicycle rentals
– Extra yoga lessons by Donosti Chill teachers

– Airfare to San Sebasti├ín
– Airport Transfers (very easy to get to the house, check below how to get to San Sebasti├ín)
– Meals & drinks purchased at restaurants, local cafes & bars
– Staff Tipping

– Early bird: Get a 50€ discount if booking is made up until 20 days before the date of arrival
– We require a 50% of deposit to reserve your spot (non refundable) through Paypal. The remaining 50% balance will be due at your arrival in cash.
– Refunds will be reviewed & treated individually according to each circumstance.
– Please note that there is likely to be other guests staying at the Donosti Chill who are not partaking in the retreat. All guests are encouraged to be respectful of each other´s space.

You have plenty of flights available to San Sebastian airport; but also to Bilbao airport, and Biarritz, France airport from many points in Europe.
Also train and buses lines are available directly to city downtown and our house is just 10 mins. walking to the bus/train station.

Buses from nearby airports to San Sebastian:
– Bus from Bilbao by 1h30/ at 17,10€
– Bus from Biarritz by 1h/ 7,00€
– Bus from San Sebastian by Ekialdebus & Lurraldebus / 20mins./ 2,50€



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Donosti Chill Retreat House - Hosted retreats in San Sebastian 2017

Hello friends!
We're so stoked to start our 2017 season at the Donosti Chill House. Last year was a beautiful one, and we're so thankful for all the people that stayed in our house and trusted us to host their retreats.
The beginning of the year looks spectacular, and just by now we've already plan to host a few retreats for the spring and autumn. From a surf week and wellness retreats, to a self empowering coaching retreat and a very peculiar one for our house: A Spanish and culture course.

Following you have a little taste of the plans proposed. For complete details please visit our dedicated page here.
We hope you can join us this year in our house in San Sebastian!! Namaste!

If you're a retreat organizer wanting to come to San Sebastian, we still have plenty of dates to host you and your clients this 2017. Just write us directly to with your desired dates and we will send you all the info you need.


May 12th to 19th 2017

– One week of daily intermediate surf training / Beginners on request
– From Friday to Friday. Check in at 2.00pm
– Minimum 4 people- Maximum 8 people
Surf the town beach, right in front of the breathtaking historical scenery of San Sebastian, stretch out in a restorative Yoga Session, dive into the the millions of pintxos bars at night and wake up with a healthy and nourishing breakfast that gives you power for the day. In you free time you can roam through the city or explore Basque Country area.
The Seasoul Collective is a collaboration platform for mindful surf+ retreats at inspiring locations all around the world. The idea is to share travel experience and lifestyle with like minded Seasouls. 

May 25th to 28th 2017

– Weekend getaway. 4 days/ 3 nights
– From Thursday to Sunday. Check in at 2.00pm
– Minimum 4 people- Maximum 8 people

Second edition of the annual long weekend getaway in San Sebastian. Treat yourself to a 4 day yoga and wellness retreat. Enjoy daily yoga, healthy breakfasts, massages, cultural tours and more. Malakai Wellness is a business inspired by traveling experiences and a healthy lifestyle, brought to you by passionate yoga teacher and masseuse Nathalie de Haaij with a base in London.



June 1st to 6th & September 29th to October 4th
– Check in from 2.00pm. Check out 11am.
– Minimum 4 people- Maximum 12 people.
– 6 days/ 5 nights.
– Retreat will be held in German or English (depending on the participants).
Relaxation, adventure or a different cultural experience? Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide, what kind of holiday to spend. Why not having it all at the same time?
Relaxing and activating yoga classes in the morning by teacher Silke Buchner, exciting surf lessons at the nearby Zurriola beach in the afternoons and lots of spare time in the evenings to discover the sights of San Sebastian. The city is especially famous for it’s culinary variety, but also for it’s lovely beaches and precious architecture.
Second edition of Silke’s retreats come with two dates in 2017.
June 18th to 25th 2017

– 8 days, 7 nights.
– From Sunday to Sunday. Check in 2.00pm. Check out 11am
– Minimum 6 people- Maximum 10 people
– Fully Spanish learning submerge experience
Do you want to improve your Spanish and be immersed in a different culture? Treat yourself, learn Spanish and enjoy yourself with us in the beautiful city of San Sebastian.
We, D├ębora and Egiarte, have been running Spanish language courses in London through our company Abec├ę Spanish. We also organize events and trips around food, language and culture. Now we are excited to offer this Spanish intensive language course for a week in the beautiful city of San Sebastian. This coming trip offers you the possibility of having a different holiday: Spanish lessons in the mornings, a range of activities in the afternoon, / as well as / delicious gastronomic experiences.



October 19th to 22nd 2017

– One long weeekend of self empowerment activities, tools and practices guided by Dannie and Lisa
– From Thursday to Sunday. Check in at 2.00pm
– Minimum 4 people- Maximum 10 people

Join Lisa and Dani for a soulful, self-empowering yoga and coaching weekend retreat in our house. A perfect hide away, time-out. A chance to reconnect to yourself and your purpose in life. Expect inspiring and uplifting yoga sessions, guided meditations and group coaching sessions. Nourish with delicious healthy food, connect to like-minded people and get ready for some serious heart opening and expansion!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Surf & Chill with Amigos- Sayulita retreat December 2016

Oh, this retreat was such a magic one!
Being in Mexico, in such a magical town as Sayulita is, was certainly inspiring and enriching. The crew of people coming with us this time was also amazing and even though all of us came from different parts of the world, the vibes were great and we conjoined all perfectly with the laid-back ambiance of Villas Sayulita and the town itself.

This is a recap of our time well-spent in the pacific coast of Mexico between early yoga, easy surf, mountain hikes, mezcales and enchiladas... We hope next time you can join us too!