Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspirational Wednesdays: Alanna, The Latitude Project and the girls of Maderas

I get to meet Alanna Tynan just a few weeks before ending my stay in Nicaragua. She arrived to do some volunteering work together with her sister, around small communities. At the beginning she didn't explain me how beautiful project she and her sister were developing.

The Latitude Project is for me the perfect project where traveling and exploring the world meets with caring (the real caring). So, she and her sister, a natural born explorers founded this rad project, funded 100% by donations. No administration involved or any other. Just money from people who actually live their dreams towards them and their so many friends supporting the projects.

The real cool thing about it, is that their projects are based on the needs expressed to them by the local communities. Not what they think it will be better to a place. They work hand to hand with the communities in order to build something that really matters for everyone.

They team up with a lot of talented people, and they recently teamed up with another great inspirational girl we met in Nicaragua; the super talented photographer Kayla Rocca.
Be sure to go to their site to check out this deal, and donate, donate!

On the other hand, speaking about my personal experience with Alanna, I regret very much I couldn't go with them at the time to help them with their projects, and also for not having enough time to pass with this wonderful soul. It's funny how I met her so little time, and how that little time was enough to miss her very much. She is just so open, funny and energetic person; and how I love when she speaks in Spanish! She definitively cracked me up all the time.

I made her a few pics on my last week at Maderas. We use to hang with other girls of the Village to have long walks at the beach whenever she finished her daily work.
I hope you can feel too, through the pictures, the wonderful souls of everyone of these girls, all of them inspirational in so many ways… but those are different stories I will tell you in the future ;)

Alanna's portrait, enjoying the beach
Alanna at the sunset
The girls sharing loving moments. Aga, the Yogi from Polland at left, and Kayla the cool Canadian photographer 
in the right 
Alana, all smiles!
The girls want to see Nikki's pictures. Nikki is in charge of all the magic around the brand of Maderas Village, also rad photographer and my beloved surfer buddy. I miss this South African very much!! Oh, she's the blond at left

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