Saturday, April 19, 2014

Suggest of the week, Nicaragua Photo Retreat

Hey guys, I know I'm a day late on my suggest of this week, but hey, we had a perfect day yesterday here in San Sebastian, and I surfed my brains out for 3 hours and a half, and then enjoying a little bit in the sun, etc… Today's a total different day, that's why I'm here…

This week I want to recommend you something to do. A Nicaragua Photo Retreat organized by my photographer friend Mireya Acierto. This is the perfect opportunity if you want to improve your beginner- intermediate level while you travel and discover amazing beaches, breathtaking sceneries and thrilling people all over the world.

Don't miss this opportunity from August 2nd to 9th at Playa Maderas! Get in touch with Mireya at to know everything about the event and check out some of the photos I took there, at the web too. I warrantee inspiration everywhere you look!

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