Monday, September 23, 2019

Healthy habits while we travel and thrive. This is what it helping me on my journey :)

Patri from Content created for Bombora Medewi Bali.

"Let the food be the medicine" (especially if you live on the road....)
 How to combine these in a good way that we're supporting our bodies and helping us through changes?
We live in an era where traveling has become so popular, and its now a way of living. Digital nomads, nomads entrepreneurs, seasonals, etc.

Although I think yes, is an amazing life we have the opportunity to live; for our bodies it is a great challenge to keep a good pace as we still want to function at our 100%. We need to produce, to see places, and to keep up with that activity we do that gives us money.

For me is being a great learning during the last years, but specially this last year as I've been moving too much. At a point I noticed every time I moved, I was feeling lost and I didn't know what to do. The result is that felt super tired, drained, foggy and depressed.

Once I took responsibility of the pros and the cons about the life I choose to live; I asked my self how I could better support my body in all conditions, specially when moving a lot in timezones and cultures.

I came up with the following routines. The most important learning on this, is to keep in mind that when you feeling the most down, the more you have to keep with the routines to keep you grounded again ;)
Here are some of the main I stick to :

1) Stay hydrated, and drink even more water before and after the days of moving. Bring a reusable bottle with you at all time. Sometimes I like to pour in my water chlorofile or the "vital remedy" I was prescribed of the "trinity essences"; but just water is perfectly fine.

2) Minifast of half fast. I started to do this in a natural way, so at least I wait 12 hours to eat my breakfast everyday. I found this specially beneficial and detoxifying to the body. As a result my brain is clear, focused and I can cope better through all the changes I'm experiencing.

3) Green smoothie or celery juice first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. If I have to choose, my go to is the celery one, so 16oz everyday. As you perhaps heard, this practice is now a major trend started by the awesome @medicalmedium. He is all about promoting the concept of "let the food by the medicine".
Celery juice has been proven to be "the" healing tonic. It helps with inflammation, balances the PH of the body, copes with autoimmune diseases, cures allergies, etc.
If you want to know more about this, go to this link here.
If you don't have a blender available where you live, you can invest on buying a travel one that costs very cheap and you can charge them with a usb plug.
if you still don't have access to this, invest on buying some green superfoods. Some of the easiest ones are Spirulina or Chlorella. Just drink it with some juice, or plain water in the morning.

4) Meditate every morning, or at least 3-4 times per week. This practice I found to be grounding for my body and doing body scan to feel every part of it really takes me home, connects me again and releases all the anxiety. This is a way to tell your body to remind that wherever you are, you can root again in you. Home is within you. I like to use the Calm app, or you can do it by yourself while you listen to some 432hz playlist to heal and root more with the earth. You can also leave this music to play in the background on your day to day. Its very healing.

5) Stay away of processed sugar or coffee. If you can drink matcha to get some healthy energy during your day. Matcha is a great Japanese tea with tons of antioxidants. The greatest thing is that the tea enters your bloodstream in crescendo and it fades away in the same way, so you don’t get that nasty rebound effect you get from coffee.

These are just a few I found for myself. If you have more and simple ones, share with me! I’d love to know more about yours and how they helped you on your journey.


📸 by @_ale_romo. Content created for @bomboramedewibali.
💁 cute model: Patri from @worldwidetravelog