Alejandra Romo. Photographer & Blogger/ Communication & Marketing/ Surfer/ Ocean lover/ Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Originally born in Mexico, I was always curious about traveling, cultures and different languages. As soon as I could, I started to travel on my own at a very early age. I wasn’t afraid to travel alone and I went to California. Later on, I lived in France to learn French, and then Barcelona to study a master degree. My life took a big change the moment I discovered surf!

Long story short, after that, the typical life in an office didn’t have sense anymore. I started an amazing journey getting to know myself through a lot of experiences, new ventures, uncertainty and months spent in remote surf destinations. I discovered yoga, mindfulness, meditation and I fell in love with simple, healthy food. It’s been a few years I changed my diet and I’m amazed everyday on how esential food supports our bodies, thoughts, feelings, performance. Is really true when they say “Your body is your temple”.

I created "From where you'd rather be" in 2013. A place where you can find inspiring pictures of my adventures, and also find different retreats of Surf & Yoga and others around the world. 

A couple of years after, I decided to pursue my dream of being independent and work more closely with my passions for surf, yoga and healthy food. 
I successfully created and leaded for 5 years Donosti Chill- Retreat house offering accommodation and retreats; and later Green Korner bio shop. Both in San Sebastian, Spain.

After a lot of stress and exhaustion, I closed and sold all my stuff there in December 2018. At the moment I'm in Asia between Bali and Sri Lanka connecting with entrepreneurs & businesses helping their projects with my experience. 

And let's see what else future's brings!...

You want to work/ collaborate together?
Drop me a line to: surfandyogaretreats@gmail.com 
Or add me on IG: @aleromophotography
Or skype me: aleromomarquez1

More info about me:
Visit my Flickr, Facebook, Linkedin or Behance

Check out my photo- blog of Nicaragua: http://myjunglelife.tumblr.com

Check out my photo- blog of California: http://californiavision.tumblr.com


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