Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday quote and how I fell in love with a tree

Roots are important. Roots are essential!, specially when you're traveling.

When you're getting impregnated with other cultures, habits and different ways to see life, is important to be able to go back to your inner roots to remember who you are.
If I learned something about traveling, was to have an open mind and heart, to really discover and enjoy the "unknown; but then in important to be enough intelligent to know what is a keeper and what 's not from the experience.

So, are you traveling a bit this easter? Enjoy your vacations, and remember to go out of your comfort zone! That's where all the fun begins :)

Just a little word about this pic.
I took this pic in Apollo Bay in Australia while exploring the Great Ocean Road. I can't tell you how impressed I was about all the nature there, specially about these Cypresses. Where I come from in Mexico is pretty dry, so apart from cactuses, I never get to see these kind of majestic trees.
I fell in love with them, and since then I fell in love with many more around the world!!

Cypresses, Apollo Bay, VIC, Australia

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