Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The little town of San Juan del Sur

As I said, Maderas beach is a very small community. We don't have any groceries store, or similar, so the closest main town to get supplies is San Juan del Sur, just 10km away.
San Juan is not that big either, but at least you have a nice little market where you can eat for 3dlls, some cool restaurants, and a few bars if you really want to go out for a party.

I wasn't a big fan of going to San Juan, but I have to admit it has it's charm and it's little nice corners.

My favorite part of going to San Juan it was actually on the road before arriving there. There you have a big green space with very old Guanacaste trees. Very awesome place to see, check it out.

The Guanacaste fields 
San Juan's port
Colorful houses of San Juan's streets. Little shop here
Pizzeria, very yummy!
Bananos and bananbas at the market.. No, its not the same thing! 
Pineapples.. the sweetest pineapples I've ever eat
Just some colors at the market
This is Rafa, he works as a chef at the Maderas Village. Here we were buying some tuna for Saturday's sushi dinner
Some cool little corner at the market 
This restaurant at the market was my favorite
Rafa eating some chicken, rice, beans, avocado and salad at the market

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