Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week suggest, Lush's eco-sustainable beauty amazing products

Ever since I started this blog, one of my first ideas of a post was to talk to you about LUSH's products.

For me they have everything you will probably want in a beauty product: Hand made, natural ingredients with delicious scents and great environmental policies.

As I told you I worked for Surfrider Foundation for 3 years, and before that I was a volunteer at the Barcelona chapter. Thanks to all this background I'm very aware now of all the impact our daily consumerism has in the environment, and how easy is to contribute to reduce all this impact adopting new small gestures in our lives.

I know beauty products and daily hygiene represents a huge impact with all these one-single use plastic bottles, sulpahtes, parabens, etc. I know a lot of you think that if you always recycle those plastic bottles it should'nt be a problem for the environment.
The reality is different. In fact only a very small portion of plastics are recyclable due to a lot of facts related with the matter, the process of decomposition and the recycle technique. So, at the moment what works the best is consume the less we can. Believe me, there's tons of options!

I discovered LUSH about a year ago while traveling in Lubjlana. The aesthetics of the little store caught my attention, and once inside I founded my self in paradise.
As I said their products are delicious and they have a policy of minimum packaging. They have products like solid shampoo bars, which means no plastic packaging. In fact LUSH have saved nearly 6 million plastic bottles globally, from this product only.

Some other of their products come on yellow paper bags with ideas written on how you can reuse and recycle that bag; and If you go buy directly to their stores, you can buy the majority of their products "naked".

Definitively what is good for you is good for the environment! Try these products and fell good about yourself in every way.

My favorites are: their bar shampoos, their bath body bars and their nourishing body bars.. the karité butter body bar is the best and it last for a very long time. Never had to buy body lotion again!

Hey, let me know if you tried these products and what other, apart from the ones below are great to try. Thank you!

Images courtesy of LUSH.

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