Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback thursday pic: Bells beach, Australia

Hey guys, I will be posting every thursday a pic from my ancient projects and travels. First delivery, a pic I took in Bells beach, Australia in 2012.
This is a world class surfing beach and every year the "Rip Curl pro Bells beach" event of the ASP tour reunites the elite of the best surfers in the world around the second week in April.

Me and my friend were there in October, so it was a little bit cold and waves not that good in this day. Anyway I was so excited to be here, and lucky me two surfers where just about to surf these very small but fine waves. Only them out, lucky them I think!!

Anyway, I shot this pic with my 33 year old manual Minolta in B&W and I loved the results. Hope you'll like it too!

The two lonely surfers in Bells beach

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