Friday, June 20, 2014

Surfing pic of the day: Maderas surfing gallery to commemorate the International Surfing Day

Today is the International Surfing Day in all over the world. To commemorate such a beautiful day, I gathered a few surfing memories of my stay this winter in Nicaragua.
Surfing is sharing!
Surfing is a deep connection within ourselves, and a state of pure romance with mother nature. This is how I see it. This is what surfing taught me and I want to share this blessing with you all.

Let's celebrate surfing today and everyday being aware of the beauty that surround us, in and out of the water.

This is my most romantic surfing shots in Nicaragua. I hope your heart melt, like mine did during three months down there.. enjoy your weekend!

Felipe Avendaño, impressing the ladies in a sunset session

Felipe, black & white

Surftripping with friends is always a bless

Great light, great surfer

Norwin, local surfer

One cloudy day, surfers and a dreamy beach

Murray, the surfer dog!

Green gems

Local surfer, snapping a glassy wave 
This wave is just very "right"

Local and a vanilla sunset session

Surfing's better with buddies :)

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