Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cosmic Children 2014. Soul Surfing in its pure state

In no more than 3 days, we're gonna celebrate the 9th edition of the funniest surf festival of all summer in the north coast of Spain. The 14th and 15th June, the Cosmic Children Festival in Cantabria will reunite people from all over the coast to celebrate a festival based in the very roots of the surfing culture.

Cosmic Children 2014. 9th edition

Every year the festival has an excellent program for all ages, and the special guests will be revealed at the perfect time.
Among the program to be highlighted, the artistic and environmental activities, and of course the classic encounter between the surf pioneers, the pros and the surf lovers; all of them accompanied by their families. Coz after all this event it is made and for surfing families.

Rasta, invitee of a past edition having a great time in Cantabria

Basque legend Kepa Acero, and his team
The program has no big variation, but one; the intention of concentrate the best national shapers and some other international shapers invited. They will be the main protagonists of diverse activities and tests, still to be revealed. The organization expect to have the presence of shapers from Asturias, Galicia, Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa, Cataluña, Canarias and Cantabria. At the same time shapers from France, Italy, England and California are confirming their assistance.

One of the funniest tests, is with no doubt the Tag team "Pura Vida", where last year rewarded the best psychedelic outfit, or the most classic one of the 60's-70's.

One of the most psychedelic teams ready to rock
If you're somehow around the area, don't miss this great chance to have a great time! They have extra activities like yoga, art expositions of surfboards, hawaian dancers, concerts, etc.

If you want to know more about the festival and its program go to their site here: http://www.cosmicchildren.com

All the pictures are courtesy of Cosmic Children festival.

Ukulele concert at the beach. Is all about good vibes! 
The little ones having a great time too!

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