Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ibiza and its secret coves

Around the summer of 2010 I went with my friends to Ibiza, the famous Ibiza! After all these years living in Spain, going to Ibiza wasn't in my list really. All the english-drunk-huge clubs scene wasn't very attiring for me.
Anyway, I don't remember why, I allowed myself to be convinced by my friends and ended up discovering smashing nature spots around the island.

We spent one week going to one cove to another just diving, eating and being naked here and there. Yes, there's a huge culture of nudity around the islands and even if you're not a regular on the "being nude" at the beach, it feels so liberating having a swim and lying in the sun with no more than sun protection. 

Here we are enjoying a great sunset in one cove at the north of the island. Ah, que saudade!!!

Perfect summer, enjoying a sunset with friends at Ibiza


  1. Great Island, great vibes, great times ! Was there last week end. ..

    1. Hey Cam, I know! I was very much surprised with the vibe there. Very contrasting I would say.
      Are you around Europe?! Come to the Basque country! :)