Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week suggest: Surfilm Festival of San Sebastian is here!

Today the summer officially begins, and I'm so, so excited about it! Personally I love this time of the year here, in the Basque Country. From June to September, all sort of events fill the agenda with so many cool things to do.

One of my favorites for starting this cool season is the Surfilm Festival of San Sebastian, one of the oldest film festivals in Europe and as well, with a very good reputation of presenting great films, concerts, art, etc.

This year the festival goes from the 5th to 8th June. Around a week ago, the organization unveiled the new graphic image and the program.
The new image was designed by Borja Garmendia of Pensando en Blanco. The image of 2014 is inspired in a series of meteorological events happening this winter, where basically consecutive depressions in a therm of two months, bitten all the coast, leaving the area with much destruction, but also with huge waves around the French and Spanish coast turning into big sessions for the bravest ones.

The video that comes along, features amazing surfers like: Jamie Mitchell / Belharra, Gautier Garanx / Belharra, Imanol Yeregi / Roka Puta, Andrew Cotton / Nazare, Asier Muniain / Agiti, Eukeni Masa, Kepa Acero / Mundaka, Jason Collins “Skindog” / Punta Galea, Tom Butler / Mullaghmore.

2014 Surfilm Festival's poster

On this year's edition, the movie section is full of excellent films as expected. Among others, the 6th June for example we have "The Old, the Young and the Sea", a very ambitious documentary centered in a long journey through the French,  Spanish and Portuguese coast trying to capture the true essence of the European surf culture.

A lot of great surfers and local legends of the mentioned areas participated in this project, including me! I was very lucky to help the guys arranging a collaboration with Surfrider Foundation and getting some contacts for the film. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm very anxious to watch the final result on big screen.

Following some images taken during their trip, which they will serve to make a big exposition tour around Europe. Check out my portrait bellow, courtesy of great photographer Stefan Leitner

Nazaré- Garrett McNamara's wipe out
San Sebastián- Alejandra Romo
Supertubos- Local grom Guillerme
Biarritz- Clovis Donizetti

The "Clean Waves" section will be composed by only one session on June 5th, where the documentary presented by Patagonia "Dam Nation" and directed by Yvon Chouinard, will make its European premiere at 20.30pm.

The documentary looks closer into the whole dam river's industry in the United States. It portrays a movement against this polemic and political matter that currently affects the natural migratory flows of thousands of species like salmons, and affecting the lives of local people living by the area.

Appart from all that, they will have awesome concerts at the  Festibalia section, and much more.

Check out the full agenda here:, and if you're around be sure to don't miss this great festival!

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