Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Santa Teresa surftrip romance

During my stay in Maderas, me and some residents of the Maderas Village had the opportunity to scape to greener lands and we decided to go to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
At the moment the weather in Maderas got very cold due to the windy season and we needed to scape from the little soap opera of our very own paradise.

After a little bit more that 7 hours we got in Santa Teresa, a real jungle paradise on earth with an endless beach, great atmosphere and green everywhere.

Here's the documentation I made of one week of romantic sunsets and great people around.

Phillip Crosby's portrait

Entrance to paradise

Under the trees, is time for a surf!

Groundhog surfer

Colors and friends

Phillip writing postcards for his "Oregon to Patagonia" project

Just enjoying the sunset

Sexy shorts

Nice after surf sunset


Santa Teresa romantic scene

Moon and trees

Nice motorcycle

Evan trooping back to hostel


  1. I love this place. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I know! Santa Teresa is perfect for any photoshoot! I'm glad you liked the pics ;)

  2. gorgeous photos Ale! amaaazing! xx

    1. Thanks love, so glad you liked them!! Let's do a surf-style photoshoot here in Europe soon!