Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday quote and how to simplify your life in 5 minutes

Good morning everyone,  this weekend we had great weather here in the Basque Country. Some of us we were out exploring nature, and it really reminded me how important is to be "observer" and aware of your life and what you do everyday.

I thought this picture and quote by Thoreau would be wonderful for starting our weeks.

Also while writing this post I was reading an article by Greg McKeown "How to simplify your life in 5 minutes". He gives some great little tips about priority, awareness and planning.
Give it a read if you can!
One phrase it caught my attention was "Live by design rather than by default". Simply awesome.

Would you recommend some other great readings to help simplify our lives? If so, why don't you give me a shout about it?

Thanks and have a great week!

Daniel in grateful peace. Sopelana, Basque Country

About the pic:
I took this pic in Sopelana in 2012. Me and my surfer friends living in Barcelona we attend every year a surf camp in Barrika named "Barrika Surfcamp".
We go there around easter, so it is really difficult to have nice weather. That year from a week of stay we had 2 days of great weather. One of those days we had a lay day, and waiting for the swell finally to come; so we decided to just go for a walk and relax in the meanwhile.

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