Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback thursday, Olena in Graz, Austria

I've been friends with Olena for more than 10 years now. I met her when we both lived in Marseille, and somehow we still manage to see each other sometimes, travel together and give each other news. 
It doesn't happen with much of the people you meet along the way, but I have a few friends just like her from my different adventures around the world.

During these 10 years we know we changed a lot. Now we have very diverse interests, but anyway what I think it bring us together is that at the end, we still have something in ourselves from that time we spent together in France.

Lena is such an inspiration, creative, very interested in art and new currents. She's also a great model with lots of ideas for pictures and super natural too. 

In these pics we were in Graz visiting some friends of mine, when suddenly found this place with great light for a B&W mini-shoot.

Lena, picture drama in Graz

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