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Inspirational Wednesdays: Interview with Jason Baffa// International Film festival of San Sebastian

Last year I had the chance to interview Jason Baffa in San Sebastian for Surfer Rule magazine.

I asked him  a few quick questions about his career, his past work, and how the Basque Country welcomed him presenting his last film “Bella Vita”, a movie following Chris del Moro exploring his italian roots, with his family and good surfing friends around.

Bella Vita’s premiere was part of newest sports film section “Savage” at the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2013.

Here's the interview, hope you'll like it:

"People of the “surfing world” say Jason Baffa is building a new genre of “classics” with his work. Since Single Fin: Yellow, a movie centered in a yellow single fin board travelling all around the world and rode by different surfers, he let the world know he’s over standard surf flicks doing what he knows best: to combine beautiful images, with nice stories and insane music.

- What's the perfect Californian Day for you?
Umm, a really good espresso and paddling out on a warm day with trunks, glassy slight offshore wind, fun longboarding waves, and then going home for a nice meal with my wife and baby. Oh, and maybe a good glass of wine or something like that. That'd be a pretty good day If I could squeeze a movie in... hahahaa

- How you started to surf and what's your favorite style?
I started bodysurfing with my father and he really inspired the love for the ocean and it was my brother in law Richard Coffin who first took me to surf in an old balsa, and he's actually the father of Conner and Parker now, so he's an interesting part in all of this, and for whatever reason I love, you know from that first balsea, an older sixties style of surfing, I think I’m nostalgic and I love the energy and the freedom of that time and surfing, so I loved riding that style of board, that gives me that same feeling

Jason enjoying a fabulous drink at Hotel María Cristina
- How you started in to films
It was my cousin Christopher Baffa, who is a cinematographer. He was 15, I was 7, and he was making a little movie, and I saw it, and I said that's what I wanna do. And my grandmother bought me a camera, and my parents supported the dream, and I took classes very young, and so its just.. am.. that's all I know too. I can't do anything else. haha

- What's your favorite self- work or piece so far?
Of mine?.. wow.. that's tough! hahaha You know, I guess I live in the moment but, Bella Vita for me is a great combination of my other work,  I feel that the work is advancing. Technically is beautiful, story is more merged with the moments, and I'm just very proud of it.

-Your soundtracks are becoming very well appreciated and they have a big part of your movies; How you get the inspiration, what are your influences?
I need to have music that I feel, its visceral for me, you know, and I think it needs to be an emotional reaction. umm, and Iso I tried to choose songs everytime I go back to, they give me that, you know.
So I listen to a lot of music. On Bella Vita we worked with the music supervisor Brian Ray Turcotte he was a huge part of it, and the original score is by Lee Ferris who also worked in One California Day. So it’s fun now that we developed this relationships where it becomes a team effort. And this soundtrack is pretty insane, including one song by Mumford and Sons which is kinda big.

Chris and Jason speaking about their movie. They seem to have very nice energy between them!
- How the basque people treated you presenting Bella Vita?
Fenomenal!.I was concerned about a movie so focus on Italy how other countries, but I think the story connects to people on another level, you know. Its about family, friends and things any culture can relate to it and the basque, italians, they have similar communities you know. So it's really been the perfect place.

To learn more about Bella Vita visit: 

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