Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Swiss surfer girl that followed her heart...

Back in October, I was invited by my friend Alena Ehrenbold, to go to Hossegor to shoot & film with the Swiss Television for a program called Virus Voyage. As you probably guessed, this program  is about traveling, showcasing Swiss people around the globe.
Alena was fortunate to be called for an emission about people that live their passion, in this case the passion of surf.

The emission has just released, and just wanted to share it with you! Hope you guys understand German, if not, is anyway very fun to watch. You can see me at minute 17:18 if you're curious :)

Following too, some pics I did for that project.

Happy beginning of winter! Soon I'll be in Bali, taking pictures from where you'd rather be...
stay tuned!

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