Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Akela Surf family

In my way to Nicaragua I spent a few days in Miami visiting friends, and I had the opportunity to meet with the Akela Surf family in Cocoa beach.

Akela Surf is a rad clothing brand specially for the surf needs of us girls. Annie, the fashion designer, along with her husband and business head, Servio, just moved from Montreal (where they met and married) to Miami in search for better opportunities in the surfing scene.

This punkie surf brand was born as they explained to me, when Annie gets pregnant of Kaiku, the youngest member of the Akela surfing family, and as a need of create a family business in order to spend real time with the new born.

These are some of the pics I took of this cool family.

Girls, be sure to check out their online store and get some goodies for the upcoming summer.

Also, if you’re around Cocoa beach, visit their new launched store just in downtown.

Servio, wants to show me his backyard

Kaiku, he's so young, but already love pictures ;)

The sweet designer boss Annie, in a cool poncho by her

It wasn't a perfect day of surf, but Servio didn't care much

Mother and son

Cold surf, warm heart

And I got my share of goodies for the offshore days in Nicaragua

Loving the pants very much!

And the jacket is so rad!

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