Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mediterranean Stoke

Whoever says that Barcelona has no waves to surf, haven’t certainly experienced how is the vibe of the Mediterranean surfing scene.

I have successfully lived and surfed in Barcelona for 6 consecutive years not long ago, and now that I live in the Basque Country, I seemed to forget for a moment the particular stoke of surfing in such places as Barcelona.

A few weeks ago, just before leaving for Nicaragua, I spent one weekend in Barcelona with my surfer buddies.
Living in a place that has waves all year long, I wasn’t expecting to surf during this visit. I just wanted to see my friends, share with them a nice time and take their pictures.

I don’t remember the last time I was up that early to go surf. I forgot about the difficulties of living in a big city, struggling with traffic and drive one hour or more to enjoy one day of surf.

Very naïve of me, I thought I will be free by the afternoon to do another stuff, but once again I forgot that in Barcelona, when you have swell, you forget about everything else and you just dedicate to surf during the whole weekend.

We arrived very early, but a good amount of people was already surfing in actually very decent swell conditions, bright sun and warm temperatures.
I shot for a couple of hours, but of course, as everybody was taking all the fun, I couldn’t stay out of the water and I finally picked an old wetsuit of Diego, and borrowed Fran’s long board.

At the end I spent around 2 hours surfing, just for the sake to enjoy the time with a nice crew of surfing friends. 
In San Sebastian I have friends who surf, but I don’t have a crew of surfing people where we all go together to catch waves. I suppose that, as waves are regular in the North of Spain, is more difficult for people to dedicate a whole weekend to the so called “surf, eat, sleep, repeat”.

After this morning session we shared a cool picnic together along with a couple of beers, checking out the waves for a later session.

These are the pictures of how a surfing weekend is in the Mediterranean. 
The surf season has just begun for them, and these guys are ready to enjoy waves for once, at home.

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