Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Collaboration Ale Romo X Havaiii.com

Today I feel so blessed and very excited to announce you my most recent collaboration with the guys of Havaiii.com.
Havaii is a clothing and accessories company inspired in the love of traveling and exploring new and exciting horizons. Just like me! That's why this collaboration was perfect match of what we are both doing in separate. Our seeking of adventure and exploring brought us together in this collaboration and we are both hoping that this work will inspire you to live your life by design, doing whatever you want to do while exploring this beautiful world.

From today I'm gonna be their ambassador, taking the brand to new adventures.
Appart from that, we will be doing a couple of things. The team liked so much my blog, that offered me to have my own space at their site to write about my adventures. The name of the blog will be "Tales of Wander" and will be under "Explore and Discover".
Among this, we will prepare a limited edition collection based on my pictures and some other interesting stuff I will tell you as things develop.

A while ago, when I knew about them, I got to read their Manifesto, which inspired me and hooked me in to collaborate with them. You will like it for sure.
Here it is:

"To the adventure seeking individuals, the global citizens guided by wanderlust, the forever exploring discoverers of our modern times. This is your community across continents, your belonging to global unity. This is your life of expressing who you truly are; expressing your unique self through style. A style inspired by the universal love for travelling this beautiful planet of ours and exploring the adventurous unknown.
This is your culture, your vogue. This is HAVAIII."

Following some of their clothing. To check out all their catalogue go to: http://havaiii.com
Also be sure to check out my profile and our collaboration much better explained with some of my pictures here: http://havaiii.com/pages/ale-romo-x-havaiii


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