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Inspirational Wednesdays: Gauchos del mar, rediscovering Patagonia

This is the last of three interviews I made at the Surfilm Festival of San Sebastian in June. This represented a lot of work to me, but I'm always happy to brought you material that can inspire you in your day to day about people who are working about making their dreams come true.

The first one of these, was to surfer Léa Brassy, the second one was to Thomas Castets of Gay Surfers, and this time is the turn of a couple of rad brothers from Argentina named "Gauchos del Mar". A gaucho is basically a cowboy; one of the most representative icon of Las Pampas. They were given this name by one Mexican friend, for being "Argentinian cowboys, riding waves".

The Gauchos are a couple of brothers, Julián and Joaquín, raised traveling by the ocean, and always in deep contact with nature.

This is the interview I did to them about their new film "Tierra de Patagones", were they re discover their territory, Patagonia, trying to surf the unexplored coast on their way to the island "Isla de los Estados".

Julian and Joaquín in San Sebastian

The gauchos, enjoying the nice weather during our photoshoot

- Boys, how many time took you to prepare the journey to Patagonia and what was the most difficult in this trip?
We started to plan the expedition to Patagonia during the last four months at the Administration University of Administration at the UBA of Joaquín. There we started to look al kind of maps, google earth, etc. We brought together a few proposals and we closed some collaborations with a couple of brands to do the journey. We meant to do it in 3 months but at the end it lasted 6 months.
The most difficult thing was to find new and good waves to surf, due to the very difficult conditions down there. The wind is terrible, the difference of tides are huge and a lot of beach accesses pass by private property.

- Can you tell us a memorable experience that you recall from this adventure?
Yeah of course! Discovering our own country searching for new waves, getting to know the world's southernmost cultures and making new friends is an unforgettable moment indeed.

- What is the most difficult thing about coming back to Argentina after being out traveling so much?
The most difficult is always being at Buenos Aires, which is so far away from the ocean (450km). This is always balanced of being again with our family and friends :)

Joaquín surfing somewhere in Patagonia. Photocred: ©Gauchos del Mar
Surfing with dolphins. Photocred: ©Gauchos del Mar

- How is the coexistence during your travelings being brothers and being together 24 per 7?
Hahahahaa, the truth is that we get along really well! We have our fights of course but they last very little time.
We always said that traveling as brothers and sharing the same passion is easier than doing it with a friend. A fight between us can last some minutes, and then you go back to normal. With a friend a fight can end up the friendship...

- Of all the countries that you've been along your first travel from California, of which country you have a special memory and why?
We really loved the whole continent and stick to only one country is difficult. We think that a lot of latinos have the same DNA of being kind and humble. That was our experience everywhere out of the big cities with the people of the country.

- What is so far the best surf session in your travels?
Maybe that one sharing all together with friends finding a new wave. Those times when you don't expect anything at all, and suddenly you discover it, is one of the best moments ever.

Finding friends everywhere! Photocred: ©Gauchos del Mar
La Isla de los Estados

- What environmental message you would like to transmit in your films, and how you live it during the trips?
We try to transmit a deeper connection with nature and walk away from the consumerism and the material objectives. We think as this way, we could function more as a community, given up about trying to reach material targets like a new car, a better phone, etc. This is nothing but complications to your lives.
On the other side, we want to transmit a social message of following your dreams and motivate people to go for it. If you really, really want to, along with great effort you will reach it.

- What is the next adventure for you, Gauchos del Mar?
Tenemos unos viajes pendientes por el sur de Argentina y por el continente Africano!
We are planning some trips to South Argentina and Africa!

If you want to know more about this Argentinian cowboys, here you have some interesting links:

Just to finish this entry, let me know if you fancied these 3 interview I brought to you and I'll make sure to bring you some more interesting content like this. Just leave me a comment, or send me an email. Thanks guys!

Trying to find some surf at La Isla de los Estados. Photocred: ©Gauchos del Mar
Perfect barrels, but too tired to go in. Photocred: ©Gauchos del Mar

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