Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A long, long post with love from Salinas

We are one month away for one of the greatest longboard festivals in Spain, this year will be celebrated from July 31st to August 3rd. The Salinas longboard festival has given me so much joy during the summer, so many great photographies and great people I've been meeting along these years. I've told you about my love for this festival in some other pic entry, but this time I want to share the whole with you.

I heard the organization is having some troubles for putting together this year's edition, but I'm fully convinced all the things made with love are meant to last, so no worries guys. Sometimes less is more, and the core of the festival will be there like every year sharing good moments and waves.

Last year I had some legendary sessions there, one of them just in front of Las Gaviotas camping, 15 min. from Salinas in Naveces. Me and my friends were just coming back from Salinas. The waves there were tiny and really not worth the paddle. When we were getting to our camping we saw this little left pumping. A storm was coming our way, but we decided to go for it.
After 40 minutes of hard rain, the sky opened for a great sunshine along with clean, glassy perfect waves. And yes, just me and two friends. This is no doubt one of the greatest sessions I've ever had. I can't wait to repeat this year!

Here you have some pics I took last year, I simply love this B&W album. I hope you like it too!

Nosing in Salinas
Bea, Carlos and me just got to Navas beach, not a single soul, but one little wave pumping. YES!
Beach dog
Great scenery at Navas beach
The beautiful Bea
I'm in love!
Styling longboard
Single fins in Salinas
Nice board muchacho!
Nice cut back, nice little waves
Hang 5 in Salinas
Love this pic
He didn't make it
But he did

Rubén Fuente from CeCe longboards 
Shortboards are allowed too
Misty early session
Tandem of single fins
Two guys in this spot 

David Dominguez and his CeCe board

Great view, great town accessory. Love anchors

Longboard asphalt comp

Longboard chopper

Ahhh, glassy waves. So oily!

You go right, I'll go left

A van from the guys of Hawaii store in San Sebastian

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