Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer of waves, surfers and wanderlust...

I've been all the summer in San Sebastian. Is my time to enjoy the mellow basque summer, and get to see all my friends that usually comes visit this time of the year because winter is just too cold to do anything around here.

Usually during the summer I plan to do a few trips around to photograph new people, new shores and the vibe of the european surfing.

Apart from that, I got myself into organizing a few expo photos that reflect the different travels I've been doing, and my style, as I call it myself "the romantic side of the surf".
These series of pics are reunited in a collection called "Of waves, surfers and wanderlust", and it collects pictures from California, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, France, the Basque Country and Galicia.

If you're around San Sebastian, you're in time to see the two first sets of this expo.

First expo is meant to be until the end of August at the gallery "El Subespacio", directly in downtown. This set is all framed pictures in three different sizes, ready to hang.

The second expo of the summer is set at Gros district, closer to the Zurriola beach, and it explores a different format, more easy going and relaxed. We decided to print all the pics of this set in a very thick, high quality paper, with amazing results print wise. These formats are also ready to hang as it is, or you can frame it if you want. We thought that a lot of people are in vacation and might want to take a little memory without the hassle of a frame.

The launching of this second expo will be on Saturday 22nd at the store Metrópolis Platz, 8.30pm.

Join me and let's have a drink together ;)

These are some of the pics displayed in both collections. Hope you like them!!

Big Sur, California

Playa Colorado, Nicaragua

Los Perros, Nicaragua
Between Zumaia & Getaria

Roka Puta, Basque Country

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Zurriola beach, San Sebastian

Zurriola beach, San Sebastian

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Panga Drops, Nicaragua

Playa Pantín, Galicia

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Outside Santa Barbara, California

Venice beach, California

La Concha bay, San Sebastian

Los Cardones, Nicaragua

Zurriola beach, San Sebastian

Playa San Francisco, Nicaragua

Biarritz, Francia

Punta Uva, Costa Rica