Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday quote: A Sea bound and Write it Forward project

How to explain the intense relationship one has with the ocean? I was born and raised in the desert in Mexico, and when I was a kid I only get to see the ocean once per year.

I began surfing 8 years ago, and I can say I'm totally addicted to the ocean now. It is really difficult to explain the feeling interacting with the ocean, the energy flowing between you and the mother nature; and how easy is to forget about the banalities of the world thanks to the ocean.

Admiring big waves is one of my favorite things on earth. Is like putting your finger direct in a light socket. You feel all it's energy going all over your body as a perfect transmitter. At the end we're all made of water as the ocean itself, aren't we?

Power of Mother Nature, Zaratuz-Basque Country 2013
About the pic:
I took this pic last winter in Zarautz, Basque Country during a big swell. I called it "Power of Mother Nature", and I participated with it in a great project called "Write it Forward". This project pretends to support literacy and highlight the importance of the written word in this "electronic times" through printed postcards and other actions.

Check out the project and the creative collective participating! Thanks Rachel for inviting me in! Such a blessing to participate in so inspirational projects.

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  1. Wow i love the collection of pics. Very nice images and edited. Looking forward to see more images on jealousy quotes